Thursday, May 24, 2018

GJ May 23, 2018

Tried putting GJ's on instagram. After 3 days, missed posting it yesterday. How do I bring in a structure to my make my goals a reality?  Why is it so hard to sustain anything, even a simpler goal of acknowledging what is good in life? I need to figure it out. No one else will of course. 

For yesterday, 
- Glad that I had a conversation with my boss
- Good to know that I could work remote next week
- Good that at least finished one course that I had started and indeed get a certificate for the same. 

It takes just me to figure out how to get things streamlined. Too many distractions and at times worries. No one else can bring the peace of mind, but me. Work on it, dear...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

GJ- April 26, 2018

- Good to have hubby dear back
- figuring out things
- a friend to help with future prospects
- no complaints
- happiness

GJ- April 27, 2018

- Peaceful day
- Time with my man
- conversations with kids

GJ - April 28, 2018

- Good times with my man
- A run
- Feeling peaceful
- shared times..

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Walking the talk

Few years ago, I declared that we can get anything done by following four steps. I announced to the world how I achieved one of my goals of running by following four steps. Along with that I also proclaimed my next goal is to learn data science. 

4 years later..... I still haven't learned Data Science. I was wrong!!! My four step towards goal did not work. I realized that it takes more than just wishes and dreams to make a wish come true, it needs hard work and a commitment in making things happen!!!

So, I failed! Failed miserably in achieving what I set out to achieve. If I had learned data science at the time, I could have been an expert by now and would have been more content at my work. A challenge of new opportunities in new areas would have been possible. But alas, no, it did not happen. 

Today, the goal that I did achieve at the time is also slowly diminishing... Laziness and a lack of motivation is stopping me from achieving anything. Running has gone into the back burner. I get motivated a day, but I take two step backward the next day.. so essentially I have created a big mess for myself. 

Today, I go around in circles, trying to set goals, trying to learn and trying to exercise. I can see my mid section expanding, my food intake increasing. I am aware of it, but not doing anything to take charge. 

Enough is enough!!! I am taking charge of my life for the better. 

So I am setting goals and going to track them each day. This space becomes the battleground for me to fight the negativity and become focused. 

My wish lists includes 1, learn and 2, to read a book each day, 3, go for a run each day, 4 exercise for atleast 15 minutes each day. 

To make this wish list a measurable metric, I am setting goals.

1. Learning - Finish Data Science with R & Python from Pluralsight in a week ( Total hours required 22 hours. 

2. Finish a book in two weeks. The book that I am trying to finish is GRIT. Need to finish this by May 6th. 

3. Run each day, at least 2 kms. For this I am starting with the 100 days of running. it starts from 28, but I am planning it from tomorrow morning

4. Each day 15 minutes of exercise - could be seven or NTC apps. Or I could go to the gym.

Let me track this each day and see how it goes. Simple goals, making dreams with deadline.. Wish me the best! 

GJ - April 25, 2018

- peaceful day
- talk with family

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

GJ- April 24, 2018

- Felt good about listening to an inspiring talk
- glad to talk with my loved ones
- completed a submission for a new opportunity